These are but some of the faqs we get asked regularly… If your question is not here, you can always contact us by phone or email. We’ll get your question answered and add it to the list if it seems warranted.

Q: Why do your prices for window tinting seem a little higher than some others I’ve seen advertised? Don’t you do the same thing as those other places?

A: We do “tinting with class”. Other places may use inferior films, or do their work as fast as possible, but here at Custom Concepts, we take our time to make sure the job is done right the first time. And we use only the best in window tinting film produced by 3M, a company that has a reputation for quality products. As a matter of fact, they offer a Lifetime Warranty on all the products we use. Read that Warranty here.

Q: Isn’t window tinting illegal?

A: Complete “black-out” tinting is illegal in most states, and if you choose to add this type of tint to your windows, keep in mind you do so at your own risk. Custom Concepts (and all other tinting companies) will not be responsible for any consequences of the installation of black window tint or any other detailing work for your car – Remember, it is the driver’s responsibility to know the laws pertaining to his/her vehicle, and adhere to those laws. (or not.)

Q: What makes that annoying “boomy” sound that I hear a lot from car stereos?

A: That is usually caused by sub-woofers, or “bass cannons” that have been installed in a car’s trunk or back seat. These units amplify the low-end bass frequencies, and usually cause the entire body of the car to further amplify those frequencies, resulting in the boomy effect. Some cities have ordinances that consider these very loud bass sounds to be noise pollution – again, it is your responsibility to know the laws where you live, and the consequences of possibly breaking those laws. Custom Concepts takes no responsibility for any legal or other problem(s) that may arise from the installation and use of after-market stereos, electronics, accessories or other detailing.

Q: Why do I need window tinting?

A: There are many benefits to tinted windows. The most obvious, especially here in Texas, is to help keep the interior temperature down inside your vehicle. Some tint films can eliminate up to 99% of the UV rays of the sun, and can also seriously cut down on the glare of the sun, helping with visibility as well.


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